Question Time!

Paper 1. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs)

Time allowed: 3 months*

Q 1. Explain how your Party would ensure that the UK met its target of reducing the number of premature deaths from NCDs by 25% by 2025.

Q2. If in Government, how would your Party seek to achieve the following objectives over the term of the next Parliament:

  1. a reduction in the predicted increase of new cases of cancer in the UK
  2. an improvement in the early detection of cancers
  3. universal and equitable access to those forms of cancer treatment that have been shown by proper evaluation to be effective
  4. a reduction in the financial burden to patients and their families arising from a diagnosis of cancer
  5. meaningful recognition of the contribution of the voluntary sector in the provision of palliative care to cancer patients.

[*Candidates are strongly advised to provide direct and succinct answers
and to avoid the use of the phrase “the best health care system in the world”.]