Project Hospice Nepal

Thanks to fundraising both in Nepal, New Zealand and the UK and, in particular, a grant of US$350.000 from the Nick Simons Foundation in New York, sufficient funds have now been raised to enable the purchase of the land which lies two miles to the south of the ring road in Kathmandu and is to be the site of the new hospice facility.  The focus of fundraising is now for the cost of the construction and fitting out of the building, the development of palliative care outreach programmes in rural areas and the use of the hospice as an educational centre for the training of palliative care health professionals.

Following a generous donation by Joanna Lumley, who is well known for her charity work with Nepali organisations including the Gurkhas, she has confirmed her role as an ambassador for Project Hospice Nepal.

The developer responsible for the build of the new hospice, Om Rajhbandary, is visiting the UK at the end of August and will be talking to UK supporters of the project, including a representative from the Nepal Embassy, at a meeting to be held in London on 23rd August.  He will also be giving interviews on UK radio stations including BFPS.