Palliative Care in Nepal

The INCTR Palliative Care Access Programme (PAX) provides tailored trainings to local palliative care health professionals (nurses and female health workers) at the Patan University, and the Nepal Association of Palliative Care (NAPCare), Kathmandu, Nepal.

The beneficiaries of the PAX programme were the terminally ill cancer patients and their family and the palliative care health providers in Nepal. INCTR and the Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration in Canada have had a long-standing programme of encouraging and implementing palliative care initiatives in South Asia. In September 2013, a tailed training programme for the healthcare providers (19 nurses, once clinical medical assistant and one doctor) has been jointly given with the National Health training cancer of Ministry of Health. It was much appreciated by the participants. The Book ‘ Hospice Palliative Care in Nepal’ has been used at the training and been given to participants and hospice like Schean Hospice and more are requesting for the book.

The funding has supported efforts to expand palliative care knowledge and skills in Nepal. Through the development of educational material and provided a relevant and easily understood Nepali Handbook in Palliative Care.

Updated: December 2014