Project: Hospice Nepal

Last year the Challenge Fund was approached by committee members of the Nepal Hospice project some of whom are based in Nepal and others in New Zealand where an active fundraising campaign has begun with the help of the New Zealand Rotary Club.  The aim of the project is to replace the existing hospice facility and outreach programme in Kathmandu with a new hospice building and improved palliative care programmes as well as a teaching facility for the training of palliative care health staff.

Land has been identified that is suitable for the building and thanks to the fundraising both in Nepal, New Zealand and the UK, the purchase of the land has now been secured.  However, funds now need to be raised for the cost of the construction of the hospice, estimated to be £1,000,000, and the cost of the fitting out which is estimated to be £300,000. The building work will commence in mid 2021 once sufficient funds have been raised.

Those involved with the project who are based in Nepal are Dr Rajesh Gongal, palliative care specialist, and Mr Om Rajbhandary, the project developer.  The team in New Zealand includes Dr Stuart Brown and fellow Rotarians who bring to the project their own professional experience in the areas of finance and international law.  The project is also fortunate to have the very active support of palliative care specialist Dr Max Watson who is based in Northern Ireland but who has considerable experience of working in Nepal.

The following links provide detailed information about the project:

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