Retinoblastoma in Africa

Retinoblastoma (RB) in Francophone Africa that provides training and education to institutions and countries with respect to the early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with retinoblastoma in Francophone Africa.

After awarding a grant of £2,000 to support the ‘Retinoblastoma (RB) in Francophone Africa’ the Trustees accepted the proposal of having this RB Programme to become one of its regular supported programmes. The beneficiaries of the RB programme were children suffering from RB and an ophalmology nurse from Mali.

In Mali, near two third of children with RB had extra-ocular extension at diagnosis. Cure rate was around 50% (compared with over 95% in France.), but this estimate is based only on the cases successfully arriving at Bamako hospital (). RB appears as an exemplary tumor and rapid improvements could be obtained in low-income countries with relatively limited means. The Alliance Mondiale Contre le Cancer, (INCTR French branch), has established a programme directed towards the early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with retinoblastoma. This programme is conducted in collaboration with the Institut Curie (the Retinoblastoma reference centre in France), the Franco-African Pediatric Oncology Group (GFAOP) and local institutions.

The funding from the Charity was used to help with the purchase of a material needed to the fabrication of prosthetic eyes for patients in both Mali and RD Congo. The Trustees are pleased to learn that, Mme Albertine Mutombo, an ophalmology nurse from Mali has spent two weeks at the facilities of “Cabinet Prothelem” in Paris where she learned about the fabrication and fitting of prosthetic eyes in children, in April 2013.


Updated: December 2014