Welcome to The Challenge Fund – Charity 1079181. Originally established by the European School of Oncology in 2000, we are the leading international cancer charity in the UK dedicated to fighting cancer in developing countries through programmes approved by the Board of Trustees. Thus, the charity is also known as the INCTR Challenge Fund.

When you read our Mission Statement you will see that ‘overcoming cancer in developing countries’ can mean training doctors and nurses, or providing cancer treatments (e.g. buying chemotherapy drugs) for children with cancer in Africa, or establishing palliative care networks that can relieve the suffering of cancer patients in low and middle income countries, or helping to strengthen cancer surveillance systems in sub-Saharan Africa. You can find out more on our current Programme page.

The Challenge Fund is currently focusing on fundraising for Project Hospice Nepal and for the Burkitt Lymphoma programme.  Information on both these projects can be found on the Active Programme pages.

The charity relies on voluntary donations to help it fight cancer in developing countries. You can go straight to our Donation page to make a gift of money to the charity. Otherwise, if you want to volunteer for one of our fundraising events, please visit our Volunteer page.

Alternately, you may make a donation in one of the following sites:

Project Hospice Nepal

Burkitt lymphoma treatment programme

Thank you very much.
The Challenge Fund Team